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BTG Labs- The Surface Analyst
A small materials research company in Cincinnati, Ohio, answered a call from the U.S. Air Force in the early 2000s and today finds itself immersed in a revolutionary transition in manufacturing.

AlphaMicron: A Liquid Crystal Technology That Can Change Light Levels Instantaneously
Concern about reliable visibility of helmet-mounted displays led to a revolutionary light-attenuating liquid crystal technology.

After a century of trying they have figured out how to change the shape of aircraft wings in flight, like birds can do.

NAVSOLVE™ is an environmentally friendly "green solvent" used to clean grease and hydraulic fluids.
Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Maryland

Digital Opacity Method
A new plume opacity measurement technology known as Digital Optical Method (DOMTM). DOMTM estimates the opacity of plumes in the out door ambient environment by analyzing digital images that are produced by off-the-shelf digital cameras.

High Performance Composite Metal Foam
A lightweight high strength metal foam eight times stronger than bulk steel
NC State University

Fire Resistant Core Materials- Ecore
A core material made from fly ash, which is lighter, stronger and more fire resistant 
NCA&T Greensboro,NC

Cryogenics Laboratory
Kennedy Space Center seeks partners to take advantage of our Cryogenics Test Laboratory. The Cryogenics Test Laboratory houses one-of-a kind capabilities for research, development, and application of crosscutting technologies to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.
Kennedy Space Center FL

Elastomeric Blast Protection
Protection against blast and ballistic damage is improved by encapsulating or sandwiching rigid inclusions (for example, tiles) or a rigid plate by a high-strain rate hardening elastomer. Typical high-strain rate hardening elastomers include polyurea and polyurethane. 
NAVSEA, Carderock