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BTG Labs- The Surface Analyst
A small materials research company in Cincinnati, Ohio, answered a call from the U.S. Air Force in the early 2000s and today finds itself immersed in a revolutionary transition in manufacturing.

Vision 1000: A Black Box Recorder For Small Aircraft
The Vision 1000 has a software-driven camera inside the 9-ounce device which collects, interprets, and records critical flight information itself.

AlphaMicron: A Liquid Crystal Technology That Can Change Light Levels Instantaneously
Concern about reliable visibility of helmet-mounted displays led to a revolutionary light-attenuating liquid crystal technology.

GATR: Portable Satellite Antenna
GATR’s intended application—the original purpose for that prototype at the Red Cross shelter—was to provide a literal communications lifeline to Air Force Special Operations forces.

SAFTE/FAST – A Fatigue Risk Management tool
Pilot fatigue on extended missions had long been a serious concern in the Air Force.
A biomathematical model, dubbed SAFTE, was developed to predict cognitive performance based on the body's own circadian rhythms and sleep/wake cycles.

Fast Charging Electric Vehicles

The EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System provides a rapid, near-foolproof way of getting blood, fluids, or medicine into patients. The device, battery-operated and about the size of a glue gun, has helped those experiencing cardiac arrest, major trauma, shock, and severe dehydration.

Film Array by BioFire Defense
FilmArray's Respiratory and Blood Culture Identifications panels test for more than a hundred pathogens.

The Adjustable Liquid Atomizing Nozzle
The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division personnel have successfully developed
and tested a nozzle that uses air to push water through a restricted convergent region followed by an expanded divergent region of the nozzle.