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Hybrid Phase Array


Cindy Wallace
Deputy ORTA

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Hybrid Phase Array

The phased array allows for cellphone tower to cell phone tower, satellite to moving car secure directed communications that can be manufactured on a single MEMS chip.

AMRDEC is focused on providing lifecycle support to the Army's aviation and missile systems. This involves three phases of development: S&T Program Development, Future Systems Development, and Fielded Systems Support S&T Program Development - AMRDEC conducts focused science and technology programs that develop technology and advanced concepts that meet future Army needs and eliminate current operational deficiencies. This requires a staff of engineers and scientists working at the technical development level and the facilities to conduct research. Think of this as the "new idea" phase of meeting the Army's needs. The technologies developed may apply to a single Aviation or Missile system or be applicable across a variety of applications. Future Systems Development - AMRDEC supports Army aviation and missile systems that are in active development. This requires that the various project offices are staffed with engineers and technicians to develop and/or manage the development of systems on a path to be fielded to our Soldiers. The same engineers that developed the basic technologies for our science and technology programs often continue as part of the project management team. Fielded Systems Support - AMRDEC provides full-spectrum technological and engineering support to systems once they've reached the field and throughout their lifecycle, including demilitarization. AMRDEC provides aviation and missile users with the trained, educated and motivated technical workforce to conduct research, support the development of particular systems, and to provide engineering support throughout a system's lifecycle.