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GATR: Portable Satellite Antenna
GATR’s intended application—the original purpose for that prototype at the Red Cross shelter—was to provide a literal communications lifeline to Air Force Special Operations forces.

CyberWolf- Machine Learning Cybersecurity
CyberWolf is an intelligent, automated security management software that is able to detect traces of worms and viruses in advance.

Method for Estimating Core Body Temperature from Heart Rate
This technology aims to prevent heat injury. Hot environments pose a risk of heat illness to people in occupations where heavy workloads and/or protective clothing is necessary.

Plug and Play Satellites
A modular nanosatellite approach to form simple, but functional spacecraft.

Fiber Optics Sensor
A sensor capable of measuring stresses in materials at centimeter intervals while in operation.
This sensor will greatly enhance the ability of engineers and designers to make better bridges, buildings and transportation 
NASA Dryden

Hybrid Phase Array
The phased array allows for cellphone tower to cell phone tower, satellite to moving car secure directed communications that can be manufactured on a single MEMS chip.

Auditory Horizon
An affordable, practical intuitive audio solution to combat pilot spacial disorientation.
Wright Patterson AFB

Robotic Radio Communication System
A system for using a robot and relay radio system to maintain the communications link between the user and the robot. When the signal falls below a predetermined threshold, it triggers the release of the relay radios before the strongest signal breaks.
SPAWAR San Diego

Liquid Crystal Polarization Gratings for Photonics Applications to allow for affordable brighter screens
ImagineOptix, Raleigh NC