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MMC Productions Inc is a media communications and production services Company that helps businesses identify, create and execute integrated multiplatform marketing and media programming. We design and create turnkey rich media marketing solutions for business clusters and micro-networks.

Since 2005 MMC Productions has worked with Universities, Federal Labs and Corporations producing web-videos for on-line and mobile delivery. Their clients include the Department of Defense, NASA, University of NorthCarolina, Wake Forest and others. New technologies and promising research have been funded and licensed.

Web-videos not only can be more accurately targeted and have a long "viral" shelf life, but the costs to produce and distribute compared to other types of advertising and marketing is much less.

The Cyberpitch™

A trademarked media solution custom designed and tested for the Technology Transfer Marketplace.

Electronic portable and easily shared

Saves time for busy executives and shows them what they need to know

Consistent message, visual and compelling