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  Agile Sciences
Combating Antibiotic Resistance
  BTG Labs
The Surface Analyst
Liquid Crystal Technology
  Vision 1000
Black Box Recorder For Small Aircraft
Portable Satellite Antenna
Machine Learning Cybersecurity
Adaptive Compliant Trailing Edge
A Fatigue Risk Management tool
Fast Charging Electric Vehicles
  Femtosecond Laser
The IntraLase FS Laser System makes precision cuts using femtosecond laser technology
A medical device that changed emergency medicine developed by Vidacare
  Film Array by BioFire Defense
An amplification and diagnostic laboratory in a box
  Deloitte Health Informatics
The future of medical and clinical research using data mining for better
  Centers of Innovation
North Carolina Biotechnology Center
  Army Medical Command
Time is of the essence
No stone left unturned
Siloxane Solvent Compositions
  5 Volt Electrolyte
New Li ion chemistries
  Glaxo Smith Kline
Open Innovation
  SAIC-Frederick Targeted Proteins
Self-assembling virus-like particles that can deliver theraputic proteins
Vaccine For Dengue Fever
  Adjustable Liquid Atomizing Nozzle
A nozzle that uses air to push water through a restricted convergent
  Plug and Play Satellites
A modular nanosatellite approach to form, simple but functional spacecraft
  Digitial Opacity Method
A new plume opacity measurement technology known as Digital Optical
  Catalyst for Alkane Metathesis
Portable hydrogen fuel at room temp and atmospheric pressure
  Hydrogen Ammonia Fuse
Portable Hydrogen fuel at room temp and atmospheric pressure
  Fiber Optics Sensor
A sensor capable of stresses in materials
  Hybrid Phase Array
Allows a satellite to car secure directed communications on one MEMS chip
  UHS Composite Metal Foam
Light weight high strength metal foam eight times stronger than bulk steel
  Nanomaterials Contrast Agent
Contrast Agent for the Diagnosis of Cancer
  FP 88 Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis
Advancement in the treatment/ prevention of autoimmune
  Auditory Horizon
An affordable audio solution for special disorientation-Wright Patterson AFB
  Keratin Bone Regeneration
Stem cells derived from hair regenerate bone or other tissue-Wake Forest
Minimally invasive diagnostic pressure measuring device-Wake Forest
  Smart Inhaler System
Targeting therapeutics for the treatment of lung disease- NC State
  Robotic Radio Communications
A robot and relay radio system for long distance com links- SPAWAR
Liquid Crystal Gratings for afforable brighter screens- ImagineOptix
A lighter, stronger and more fire resistant core materials- N CA&T
NASA Nanotubes as vectors to comabt brain tumors - JPL Pasadena
Turn $200 and an old water heater into a biofuels plant- Piedmont Biofuels
  Burn Brite
A bite block reduces skin damage and improves oral hygiene maintenance
  Cryogenics Laboratory
Kennedy Space Center offers partnering opportunities
  Elastomeric Blast Protection
Protection against blast and bomb fragments- NAVSEA, Carderock

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